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How to use babel-module-resolver with vsCode and ESLint

This article is a small guide about how to configure an enviroment for babel-plugin-module-resolver. This plugin allows you use custom prefixes for import/export declarations in JS files. E.g. import A from 'com/A'  can be treated as import A from ../../components/A.

  • At first you should install the package npm i -D babel-plugin-module-resolver
  • Then add your map-config to your .babelrc file into the plugins section. E.g.:
  // ...
        "alias": {
           "^com(.+)": "./src/com/\\1"
  // ...
  • Then install npm i -D eslint-import-resolver-babel-module package for ESLint. It allows ESLint to check your rewrited imports, It assumes that you already use eslint-plugin-import package. If you don't I recommend you to start using it. This package checks your import/export declarations, it's very convinient.
  • Then change in your .eslint file:
  "parser": "babel-eslint",
  "parserOptions": {
    "ecmaVersion": 6,
    "sourceType": "module",
    "ecmaFeatures": { "jsx": true }
  "settings": {
    "import/resolver": { "babel-module": {} }
  "plugins": [
    // ...
  // ...
  • You also need to install babel-eslint if you didn't do it yet. And move its declaration from parseOptions to the root of the .eslintrc.
  • babel-module part in .babelrc section is just {}, it's okay.
  • Install ESLint plugin in vsCode
  • Probably you'll need to write in your .vcode/settings.json something like next lines. They force vscode to change CWD (current directory) in the deamon of eslint plugin:
"eslint.workingDirectories": [
		"directory": "./client",
		"changeProcessCWD": true
  • If you use path-intellisense plugin, you should consider configurate your mapping in .vscode/settings.json too. 
  • If you have any troubles, something doesn't work properly or doesn't work at all: Use force, Luke. Set vscode setting "eslint.trace.server": "verbose" and debug, debug, debug. I've spent on it several hours :(
eslint vscode Babel
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